• "On a par with French and
    Saunders, this duo could
    well garner a cult following "
    - Broadway Baby
  • “Superb script and acting”
    - Phonic FM
  • "sharp and on the money...
    an interesting niche that feels
    like it could be an endless pot
    of comedy gold"
  • “Dynamic, entertaining
    and borderline inappropriate”
    - FringeSecrets.com
  • "Shining moments of brilliance
    – ThreeWeeks.co.uk "
  • “Laugh out loud funny”
    - ecfm.co.uk
  • “Hugely entertaining...
    full of energy
    and confidence”
    - audience member
  • “Appreciated by all
    the audience, including
    us males”
    - Dave
  • "The show hits some refreshingly
    different targets and, at last,
    provides something, many things
    for the over-50s
    to empathize with !"
    – Alistair McGowan