Broadway Baby

“Outrageous, shocking and disgusting that women over a certain age should even attempt to create a comedy sketch show?
Not at all. Encouraged, supported and lauded is what they should be, especially Flip Webster and Maggie Bourgein who have created a winner of a show with great sketches and well thought out characters.
Taking a wry and oft times tongue-in-cheek look at life, this double-act prove that ageing is not a confinement to doddery-ness but a celebration of achievement and things still to come.
Not averse to making themselves look foolish they carry comedy with gusto and have great timing and ooze rapport and confidence.
On a similar par with French and Saunders, this duo could well garner a cult following if they really hone their material. Their can-do attitude and give-it-a-go energy are impressive as is the show itself. Slick sketches from the top with a ‘60s Supreme song to an authentic Italian sexpot chef, the energy doesn’t drop once and the ladies are sharp and on the money.
Flip and Maggie work together beautifully, feeding and bouncing off each other they really have come up with an interesting niche that feels like it could be an endless pot of comedy gold.
A real pleasure to watch, let’s hope they go on with the show and delight further. Go for it ladies!”
Greg Smith for Broadway Baby – 27th July 2014


“had the audience chuckling until the very end”

“shining moments of brilliance”

“play fantastically off each other”

Views from the gods

“The style is wonderfully varied”

“The two women cover such a wide range of material that we never quite know what to expect next, although the consistent quality does mean we’re always looking forward to whatever is about to follow”

“Unexpectedly funny scenes…Nothing is off limits”

“There’s definitely a synergy between the lively duo”

Phonic FM

“Superb script and superb acting….had the audience eating out of their hands.”


“sparkled with wit”

“a thoroughly entertaining show”

Fringe Secrets

“In terms of laughs-per-minute, fantastic value for money”

“will have you gasping for breath and demanding more”

Audience Quotes

“Very funny! Worryingly, my 16 year old son got all the jokes!”

“Laughed til I cried – so well done”

“Awesome” – Phil

“slick, professional, original, good characterisation”

“Genuinely great to see comedy that makes a point that is rarely seen”


“Amazing comic timing”

“Fabulously wonderful!!”

“Absolutely hilarious! Suitable not only for women of an uncertain age, but also for people with mothers of an uncertain age”

“Fantastic, laugh a minute”

“I’ll look at my mum in a different way now” – Sam

“FANTABULOUS! – You should be on TV – you knock spots off French & Saunders!”

“Very very funny. Excellent. Will be following them very closely.FAB!!”

“Excellent – very finely judged – superb!”

“Absolutely brilliant – so funny!!”

“Clever, relatable”


“Brilliant writing”

“Very talented twosome”


“laughed from start to finish”

“Brilliant! Keep up the fun!”

“Perfect! Funny, clever, excellent. Well done.”

“Funny, gently subversive and unexpectedly entertaining. REALLY good job x”

“Some real gutsy moments…lots of good material. Great Luck to you. Go for it!”

“Have not laughed so much for ages. Just Great. Thank You.”


“A good take and adaptation of certain well known genres. Great use of your accent skills – really could have been different people! Great range of skills. Well done!!”

“excellent entertainment”

“a riot of femininity”

“So funny – and topical?!”

“Fantastic – laughed so much – too close to the truth!!”

“some real laugh-out-loud funny moments”

“I laughed a lot”

“Hilarious, interesting ideas…sketches from a more mature perspective”

“Appeals to a wide range of audience – amazing”

“Hugely entertaining…full of energy and confidence”

“Appreciated by all audience, including us males!”

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