Women of an Uncertain Age

Middle-aged women: an Endangered Species.  Come and view them close-up in their unnatural habitats.  Marvel at their survival techniques and their extraordinary use of camouflage.  Are we too old for careers, sex and a social life?  Who says?

What’s it about?

Created by Maggie Bourgein and Flip Webster, Women of an Uncertain Age is a comedy sketch show with song, dance, monologues and quirky yet believable characters.

Flip and Maggie’s careers have spanned thirty years and between them have performed in a variety of Theatre, Film, Radio and Television. The pair started working together in 2011, initially intending to write a show with serious subject matter, yet during the creating process somehow they couldn’t help adding the laughs.

The impetus for the show began with a desire to address issues and topics that affect people in the 50+ generation. They felt that the UK comedy scene lacked a female presence; women are often misrepresented in popular culture and in particular that there is a deficit of work written for and performed by older women.
The show is a light-hearted and fun way of addressing these important issues, as well as being a platform to give audiences a thoroughly good time. Both performers have masses of comedic experience, wit and expert timing and know how to get the crowd laughing.

Do not be fooled by the title, the comedy duo seek to represent a variety of female characters, and even some men, in all their hilarious guises. To date the show has been enjoyed by both sexes and all ages (14+)!

Please expect a lot of women behaving badly…

You can book Women of an Uncertain Age for your event or venue.

The show can be tailored to your requirements in terms of length anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours (including an interval). We can even run post-show discussions and workshops.